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About Us

Hanover Foods Corp. is the largest independently owned food processor in the eastern United States.  Since 1924, Hanover Foods Corporation has been locally owned and operated in Hanover Pennsylvania and an active leader in the growing, processing, packaging, marketing and distribution of an amazing variety of food products. Hanover Foods exceeds consumer expectations in the retail, food service, fresh home meal replacement, private label, military, club store and industrial venues.


We produce millions of cases of frozen vegetables, canned vegetables, canned beans, refrigerated, fresh, glass-packed, and snack food items.

Our frozen vegetables and side dishes include the Hanover Gold Line frozen vegetables, Hanover Silver Line frozen vegetables, Hanover Purple Line frozen vegetables,  Hanover Country Fresh Classics frozen vegetablesHanover Bean Essentials frozen beans, and Hanover Candied Sweet Potatoes.

Our canned vegetables and canned beans include the favorite Hanover Green Beans, Hanover Green Beans with Potatoes, Hanover Kidney Beans, Hanover Black Beans, Hanover Garbanzo Beans, Hanover Great Northern Beans, Hanover Cannellini Beans, and many other varieties.

Last but not least are the extremely popular Hanover Frozen Soft Pretzels.  The Hanover Frozen Soft Pretzels are popular for a good reason.  The recipe is an authentic sourdough and they are delicious!

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