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New Hanover Bean Essentials - In your grocers freezer!

Forget what you know about beans!  Introducing Hanover Bean Essentials!  New to the grocers frozen vegetable section, Hanover Bean Essentials provide a quick, healthy, and delicious ingredient for your favorite recipe.  Four varieties available now in the frozen vegetable department at many Walmart stores:

* Dark Kidney Beans

* Pinto Beans

* Great Northern Beans

* Black Beans

Quick and Easy to use in your favorite recipe (or our special recipes on the back of the bag), these nutritional powerhouses are an excellent source of protein, and contain zero fat and zero added sodium.

Try new Hanover Bean Essentials with our limited time offer coupon!  Available now on the Hanover Foods Facebook page


Hanover Bean Essentials Black BeansHanover Bean Essentials Great Northern Beans

Hanover Bean Essentials Dark Kidney BeansHanover Bean Essentials Pinto Beans