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Wege Pretzel Company located in Hanover, PA, is one of the oldest and respected names in the pretzel baking industry. Wege (pronounced wig'gie) is the name of a family that began baking breads and rolls during the late 1800's. A German immigrant baker who was working his way across the country went to work for Wege Pretzel Company during the early 1920's. While employed, he taught the Wege Family an old German recipe for making a large Sourdough Hard Pretzel, the one for which Wege is now famous.


Over A Century Of Quality

The pretzel was well accepted, sales continued to increase and over time the Wege Family discontinued the production of breads and rolls in order to concentrate their efforts on the production of the Sourdough Hard Pretzel.

Since that time, Wege has expanded the physical plant, production facilities, and variety of pretzels available, as well as the geographic area in which they are sold. This has been accomplished without compromising the quality for which Wege is famous.

Wege Pretzels

On March 31, 1976, Wege broke ground on a 25,000 square foot expansion bringing the total to 110,100 square feet. Today's facility uses old fashioned methods and today's technology to produce the finest pretzels in the world.

Wege’s variety of pretzels now includes whole wheat varieties, flavored, all natural, organic, and Kosher delicacies. Wege is also the leader in co-pack and private label for high quality customers. You can buy cheaper pretzels but we believe in only the finest. Wege also manufacturers the original “Poker Pretzel” found throughout the United States.

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